Multifunctional High-definition Mobile Multi-installation LED All-in-one TV

The All-in-one TV integrates a computer host, a monitor, a TV, and a speaker into one, with independent computer functions and TV functions; it can be used in office and home fields. It has the characteristics of a fashionable appearance, convenient operation, rich interface, simple connection, energy saving and environmental protection, and low radiation. The launch of the touch-screen TV and computer all-in-one machine is one of the latest and biggest highlights of the all-in-one machine industry.

Products Details

Adaptive brightness: The screen can automatically adjust the brightness according to the ambient light.

Front Type-C interface: compatible with Type-C wireless screen sharer and Type-C U disk, Type-C wireless screen sharer and Type-C U disk need to be purchased separately.

Embedded video conferencing software: Built-in MindLinker video conferencing software, which can run under the Android system.

4K@60Hz: The external input and output interfaces of this product are HDMI 2.0, supporting 4K@60Hz signal input and output.

Free combination of screens: This product has a built-in scene mode selection, which is divided into four modes: conference mode, demonstration mode, energy-saving mode and user mode.

Exhibition: Museum, municipal planning hall, science and Technology Museum, exhibition hall, exhibition, etc. Catering industry: hotel ballroom or passageway and lobby, restaurant's ordering area or important passageway, etc. Entertainment industry: basketball court, stadiums, bar counter, main channel, private room floor, etc. Education industry: school laboratory, pre-job training, kindergarten, preschool training, special education, etc. Monitoring center: command room, control room, etc. Real estate center: Sales Center, prototype room, etc. Financial center: Stock Exchange Center, headquarters of a bank, etc.

Stylish appearance, thin and light. The highly integrated design is simple and stylish, and the colorful appearance shows the user's exquisite life taste!

All-in-one TV are more space-saving than typical desktop PCs. The built-in speaker makes its volume as small as possible, which can greatly save the space for the user to place the machine.

The all-in-one machine is moderately priced and highly integrated.

Good mobility and high portability. The internal integration is high, and the connection of each accessory is directly led out from the PCB, which saves a lot of data cables in the past. In addition, the compact body also saves the large packaging and transportation costs in the past.

Cost-effective, and bring greater benefits! The all-in-one machine not only saves space, but also reduces the cost of living and saves you high electricity bills.

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